X-LITE Airy Handsplint

X-LITE® is for many considered the favorite choice when an airy and lightweight splint, cast or brace is needed for a patient. X-LITE® is registered as a Medical Device Class 1 and is for human use.

The range of products offer different qualities and features to always meet the staff and patients need for an optimal result.


X-LITE Classic rolls
Classic sheets and dispensers
X-LITE Plus Edging Tape

X-LITE® is an airy and lightweight Low Temperature Thermoplastic material engineered to meet your splinting and casting demands. The material is made from a 100% cotton mesh which has been impregnated with a NON-toxic thermoplastic resin. 
X-LITE® emits no harmful substances when heated, applied or in the drying process. The material can be applied without the use of gloves and special ventilation equipment in the operating theater and upon removal of the cast no harmful dust is produced. It is strong but does not contain any form of fiberglass. It is safe for all users to work with X-LITE®, including pregnant woman, asthmatic people or people who suffer from allergic reactions. 

Features & Benefits


The open structure in the material gives great ventilation and comfort. This allows the skin to breathe, besides providing an optimal environment for wound healing.

Our Low Thermoplastics are ultra-light in weight for patient comfort and better compliance.

Save money and time. Reuse rolls and leftovers. Make small changes on an already made cast/splint instead of a new one costing extra money, extra time and discomfort for your patient.

Add layers for additional rigidity without compromising with a low profile. Add strips just to areas where additional reinforcement or support is desired.

Forms easily to the anatomy - no need to stretch or tug.

Self-adheres once heated. No solvents or adhesives required.

In only 30 minutes your patient will be fully supported and weight bearing is allowed.

All our materials are completely translucent to X-ray when using up to three layer.

X-LITE® is an extremly strong material. Use significantly less layers of material for equal strength compared to other splinting and casting materials on the market.

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